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Gelato and tiramisu tastes at the Ancient Fair of San Gregorio anticipate the 7th European Day of Artisan Gelato. The 7th edition of Prosecco Superiore Gelato Competition took place during the Ancient Fair of San Gregorio (9th-10th -11th March) in Valdobbiadene Municipality (Veneto) in cooperation with Longarone Fiere – MIG, and Cantina Produttori di Valdobbiadene […]

Prima scheda giuria popolare
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  The 24th March the European Day of Artisan Gelato is celebrated all around Europe. This year there is the 7th edition of this event born thanks to a Longarone Fiere and Artglace idea. The 2019 taste is Tiramisu and the official recipe has been created by Thomas Infanti, the young gelto maker that won […]

Il Gelato Tiramisù di Thomas Infanti
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