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Saturday, November 25 (Preview)

11:00 am

General Assembly G.A. – National Committee for the Defense and Diffusion of Artisan and Homemade Gelato (Board Room)

2:30 pm

General Assembly ARTGLACE – Confédération des Associations des Artisans Glaciers de la Communauté Européenne (Council Room)


Sunday, November 26

10:00 am

Opening 63. MIG – International Exhibition of Artisanal Gelato

10:00 am -1:00 pm

Contest “A Gelato for the Olympics “delivery samples Stand GAT (Pav.C)

11:00 am

Official opening ceremony of the 63rd MIG (Ribbon cutting at the entrance – Presentation in the Congress Center)

Remembrance of Vittorio Bartyan

Presentation of the “Master Gelato Artisans” Award

2:20 pm

Training meeting “The sensory analysis of gelato” by Roberto Lobrano (Training Room Hall Hall C)

This first meeting is a prelude to the 1st Level Sensory Analysis Course scheduled for November 28 at 10:30 am (English) and 3:30 pm (Italian).

2:30 pm

“A Gelato for the Olympics” contest – public evaluation of gelato samples. Prize-giving will follow – MIG Arena

4:30 pm

Presentation | The Argentine Gelato Artisans Delegation from AFADHYA Association – MIG Arena


Monday, November 27

10 am – 1 pm

National Workshop “Agrifood Technologies for Innovation: A Dialogue between Research and Companies” – CNR Conference on technological developments and new technical solutions related to the world of gelato – Congress Center

10:30 am – 1:00 pm

Gelato in Catering – Thematic presentation and dedicated demonstrations by industry professionals – MIG Arena (Hall D)

2 pm

“THE VERMOUTH” – Master Class by Daniele Salvatori, UBA360 – Third Time Area / Mixology (Pav. C).

3 – 5 pm

Science spread at the fair – CNR innovative startups meet companies – Presentations of new technical solutions – Area Terzo Tempo and diffusely

3 pm

“The Gelato Shop of the Future” – innovative solutions presented by Arch. Daniele Menichini – MIG Arena (Pav. D)

4 pm

“Education and new artistic and media languages” with “Innovative Pastry Atelier” by Manuel Marzari – MIG Arena (Pav. D)

5:00 pm

Presentation Spanish delegation that has always participated in major international competitions – MIG Arena (Hall D)


Tuesday, November 28

10 am – 3 pm

  1. COPPA D’ORO International Competition – delivery of samples (Hall D)

10:30 am

Spanish Delegation Masterclass – GA space – Artglace (Pav. C)

11:00 am

Presentation | The Taste of the Year in Germany 2024 – Uniteis booth (Hall C)

11:00 am

Presentation | Contaminazioni Stellate 2024 project by the Accademici Italiani Gelatieri Artigiani (Congress Center)

11:00 am-1:00 pm

Presentation | Successful Case Histories in Gelato Making (part one) – MIG Arena (Pav. D)

12:00 pm

Presentation of MIG Longarone – Sirha Budapest project (Pav. C)

2:00 pm-  5:30 pm

Presentation | Successful Case Histories in gelato making and Masterclass Gelato Artisans of Japan (part two) – MIG Arena (Pav. D)

2 pm

GELATOn the ROAD: How the European Union supports and promotes artisanal gelato. The central role of gelato artisans in the establishment of the European Gelato Road – Third Time Area (Pav.C)

4 pm

“THE BITTER” – Master Class by Daniele Salvatori, UBA360 – Area Terzo Tempo / Mixology (Pav. C)

5 pm

AGIA Assembly – Association of Italian Artisan Gelato Artisans in Austria (Council Hall)


Wednesday, November 29

10:30 am

UNITEIS e.V. Assembly – Union of Italian Artisan Gelato Makers in Germany (Congress Center)

10:30 am

Training internship “Carlo Pozzi” Hotelier Institutes students

11:00 am

  1. COPPA D’ORO International Competition – Public final stage with anonymous evaluation of the samples – MIG Arena (Hall D)

11:00 am

Round table “Gelato Profession, which School?” Training Room (Hall C)

3:00 pm

Award ceremonies of the 53rd International COPPA D’ORO Competition and the 3rd MIG GREEN Award (Congress Center)

4:00 pm

Closing 63rd edition of MIG


All days at the fair.

VENETO REGION exhibition area (Hall D)

Throughout the four days of the Fair, by professionals in the field are offered demonstrations of preparation and tasting of gelato flavors made with typical DOP, IGP, DOCG products – the excellences of Veneto at the Exhibition.

Wednesday 29 until 1 pm

Internship for Hotelier Institutes students (Carlo Pozzi Training Project)

Artglace, GA and GAT initiatives at MIG 2023 (Hall C)

Also this year at MIG, the European Artisan Gelato Associations will be in the spotlight with the Artglace confederation in a dedicated area together with GA – National Committee