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Padiglione B a Mig 2022 con in primo piano La Cialcon

This year MIG becomes even more focused on business in the gelato world, on sustainability, on innovation and internationalization. These are the key words around which we are building an itinerary and a clearly structured program.

More attention will therefore be paid to innovation and technology, also thanks to the participation of the CNR, which will have an exhibition space at the trade fair and will organize a conference dedicated to food technologies applied to the world of gelato.

It’s all about gelato and we have always been curious to know how gelato is prepared and used in various occasions and situations. For this reason, in the MIG Concorsi area with the collaboration of Carpigiani, you will be able to attend demos of dessert ice cream for restaurants, taste the creations of ice cream makers and interact with them to learn their secrets.

Inside the exhibition space, there will be an area called “third half”, where exhibitors and visitors can network and get to know mixology secrets with the organizers of “Bar_To_Be Catania.”

We will discover how to combine ice cream with unique and original cocktails, and participate in the Mixology Challenge with gelato cocktails organized in cooperation with Toschi: bartenders will challenge each other to create the most amazing cocktails using the Emilian company’s products.

Attention will then be given to the business and enterprise development of the gelato world. For this reason, we are looking forward to the speech by Christian Oddono, who will come directly from London to MIG to talk about “The success of the gelato maker across the Channel +”, with insights about the experiences and inspirations of a gelato maker with a successful business abroad. This talk will be a valuable tool for structuring future development paths.

In addition to this, we will also have the invaluable collaboration and participation of Giacomo Tonelli, who with “Business Growth in the Ice Cream Industry” will share tips and strategies, with a special focus on defining the price list, to make your ice cream parlor thrive.

Utmost care and attention will be given to the areas that revolve around ice cream to further enhance its value.

Then we have the chocolate workshop with Angela De Luca, which will be useful for discovering chocolate processing techniques to enrich new creations.

The most precious competition of the MIG in Longarone is confirmed, with the 53rd Coppa d’Oro, and the most welcome return of the “Granita in Sicilia Festival”, to taste the different variants of this Sicilian delicacy.

Also at MIG 2023 we will have the MIG GREEN Award, in recognition of innovation and commitment to the environment in the ice cream industry.

AGIA, ITAL and Uniteis Assemblies are confirmed: these are important moments of comparison and discussion for Italian gelato makers in Austria, the Netherlands and Germany. And then, Uniteis will present the flavour of the year in Germany 2024 and the new trends in the world of ice cream in Germany.

In addition, we will also have the G.A. General Assembly and the ARTGLACE General Assembly: these are important moments for member gelato makers to come together, share ideas and future projects. Such as the presentation of Gelato Day 2024, which this year will be dedicated to Belgium. And the new competition promoted by G.A. and Longarone Fiere Dolomiti for the best flavour inspired by the Milan – Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

A close look will be paid to young people, the future ice cream makers and protagonists of our industry. There will be an internship day with hospitality schools and practice in the use of the main ice cream equipment, to bring young people closer to this wonderful human and professional experience.

And the best training options for those who want to pursue a career in ice cream making will be discussed.

This is a short, important overview of MIG 2023. Over the next few weeks we will then detail times and spaces. But in the meantime, as you can see, we are working together on the innovations that we are designing with the companies and the market.