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Presentazione MIG Stampa Estera a Roma

Internationalization of excellence, innovation and sustainability

The 63rd International Exhibition of Gelato (MIG) in Longarone starts a new pathway. The most historic gelato fair in the world, which is dressed in new light, technology, and sustainability, will put in the spotlight the ultimate visions of the market and future projections. Precise strategies of internationalization will embrace the enhancement of the tradition of the most genuine made in Italy. The exhibiting companies and buyers will come from all over the world to surprise the gelato entrepreneurs, and the nationalities of the visitors who have already registered show that a new season has begun. The promotional effort that Longarone produced this year is already paying off.

Michele Dal Farra, president of Longarone Fiere, reveals:

“Promoting excellence and innovation in the gelato supply chain is now more than ever our main mission, which is why we decided to enter into an agreement with Sirha Budapest, which, with 24,000 trade visitors from 44 countries, is the most important trade forum for the food and HoReCa sector in Central and Eastern Europe. Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania are seeing exponential growth in artisanal gelato.”

MIG’s new international course will be celebrated with an exclusive event featuring Spain. A succession of exciting gelato, pastry, and haute cuisine creations inspired by “Origin and Remembrance,” made live in front of the public and culminated in multiple tastings. Dialogues with the public to delve into historical processing techniques and the motivations that inspired the careers and life choices of artisanal gelato professionals.

On Nov. 27 and 28 at the CastelBrando Hotel and at MIG, under the patronage of Artglace – the Confederation of Associations of Artisan Gelato Artisans of Europe-a delegation composed of celebrated professionals of the Spanish taste trades was called upon to seal the new paradigm of MIG by giving unique emotions to visitors through flavors and memories. Six of the best gelato artisans, pastry chefs and cooks of the Iberian Peninsula led by Marco Miquel Sirvent, president of ANHCEA (Associación Nacional de Heladeros Artesanos), will be the protagonists of educational between haute patisserie, gelato and high cuisine, which will see “blossom” almonds, pistachios, honey, orange and dark chocolate. Flavors and scents that have indelibly marked the memories of their homelands and childhood moments, and are the basis for excelling in creative crafts. UNITEIS, the association of Italian artisan gelato artisans in Germany, will have its Annual Meeting at the fair, as will the Associations of Italian Gelato Artisans in Austria and Holland.

Alessandro Piccinini, MIG manager, Longarone Fiere, adds:

“Alignment, qualification, innovation and professional training are the keywords of this edition, crucial themes to win the challenges of sustainability and digital transformation. With a strong commitment to moments of training and dissemination of best-practices we will be more international than ever: large delegations of Spanish, Japanese, and Argentine gelato artisans will be protagonists of high-level masterclasses and will join their European colleagues laying the foundations for future cooperation and a coordinated evolution of new initiatives.

 Longarone Fiere Dolomiti has also become the lead partner in the European experiential cultural tourism project “GELATOn the ROAD”. The European Union supports and promotes artisanal gelato and the central role of gelato artisans in establishing the European Gelato road. On Nov. 28 at MIG, 14 project partners from 12 European countries will “design together” the first “European Gelato Road” to enhance and preserve in a network the heritage, identity, culture of the territory and tradition in the production of artisanal gelato.

Thanks to the availability of the national CNR, a high-level scientific meeting entitled “CNR Agrifood Technologies for Innovation: Dialogue between Research and Companies” is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 27. A series of popular events dedicated to innovation and technology transfer aimed at companies, startups and innovators in the world of gelato, with a focus on the health aspect of foods.

Among the professionals who will speak are the names of Gianfranco Vissani, a well-known chef, gastronome and writer, master of the project “Gelato in the dining world,” and Beppo Tonon, a famous gelato chef, fruit and vegetable sculptor and TV personality who, as a tribute to the 2026 Winter Olympics to be held in these very territories, will create a masterpiece in the sign of sustainability. We highlight the 53rd edition of the “Coppa d’Oro” competition, which this year will feature the winner of the Argentine selection (which occurred for the first time in history) Gerardo Pozzo and Japan’s Kosuke Shibano. President of the Argentine Afadhya Association Maximilliano Maccarrone will also speak.

The strong link between gelato, sport and territory will also be sanctioned by the competition “Un Gelato per le Olimpiadi”, promoted by the associations’ GAT Gelatieri Artigiani del Triveneto and the GA National Committee for the defense and diffusion of artisanal gelato, chaired by Filippo Bano. Cortina Foundation gives patronage to the first selection of a competition over 3 years to breathe the air of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Enrico De Bona, Board of Directors of the Cortina Foundation explains:

“Fondazione Cortina has been founded by the Region of Veneto, the Province of Belluno and the Municipality of Cortina: we want to support MIG and Longarone Fiere and we look forward to the big events in 2026. We aim to organize the competitions at the very best but first of all we want to find a synergy in the territory.”

This is to name just a few of the events that will characterize the upcoming MIG in Longarone, an event open to industry professionals. The full program can be viewed at: