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On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, on the premises of Longarone Fiere, under the patronage of Artglace – the confederation of the Associations of artisan gelato chefs of Europe -, a delegation composed of the most celebrated Spanish chefs, gelato chefs and pastry chefschefs, captained by Marco Miquel Sirvent, president of ANHCEA (Associación Nacional de Heladeros Artesanos), will give unique emotions through an extraordinary evocatitive journey among flavors and fragrances.

Biographies of Spanish chefs called to Longarone Fiere to inaugurate the new season of the International Gelato Exhibition:


Marco Antonio Miquel Sirvent

This biography could be titled: A Life for Gelato, Actually Two. The son of an artisan gelato chef in Alicante, Marco Miquel began working at a very young age, but from the 1980s he devoted himself exclusively to gelato, and in 1982 he graduated as a Master Gelato Chef from the University of Alicante, and since 1986 he has directed and been in charge of the artisan gelato laboratory in Dénia.

His pragmatic training is not enough for him and from the very beginning he started attending specialization courses: from gelato cakes to parfaits, from food handling techniques to refrigeration techniques; then, he studied gelato balancing formulas and in 2009 he graduated as a Master and trained the …formers. The following year it was the turn of the University Expert Course in Artisan Gelato Processing, and in 2011 he took the Advanced Study Diploma in Gelato Chemistry.

He continues to take courses throughout his long career, although by now he has become a Professor at the University of Alicante, a lecturer in several colleges and a professor in the School of ANHCEA*. Interested, always on the ball, he deepens his studies on sorbets, slushies but keeps up to date on everything related to the healthiness of products and work: from the study of allergens to continuous updating on the various health regulations. Continuous training, in short. A tidbit: Marco Miquel also holds degrees in Spanish Literature and French Philology.

As of February 2017, he is still president of the *Associaciòn Nacional de Heladeros Artesanos and was acting president of Artglace (Confederation of European Artisan Gelato Associations) 2019-2021.


Adolfo Javier Romero Rodriguez (Team leader)

Adolfo Javier Romero Rodriguez, gelato chef, class of 1984, owner of “Romero Ice Creams”. As the new millennium dawns, Adolfo becomes involved in the production of artisanal gelato, continuing the studies on restoration that he is passionate about, and, in 2004, he graduated as a Higher Restoration Technician.

At the same time, he continued his studies on gelato and in 2011 he graduated from the University of Alicante, where he later became a Lecturer in Artisan Gelato Research and Development. He will continue teaching at UnGasma Castellón (EU University) and lecturer at EPGB in Barcelona.

Adolfo participates in numerous competitions and climbs on various podiums, including silver medal at the 2012 and 2019 Spain Championships; World Cup of Gelato in 2016 and 2018, bronze at the 2016 Gastronomic Olympics and the 2018 World Cup of Gastronomy. In 2021 he received the prestigious “Comunicación Cadena Ser” award.


Martin Belmonte Mendez

Fighter personality. Martin in his profile states, “Putting a grain of sand in the fight against the false artisans and industrialists who advertise and pass themselves off as artisans. To demonstrate my expertise and competence in combining flavors, originality, and creativity. To link gastronomy to agriculture.”

Since October 2008, Martin, a pastry chef, has owned a store in Almería, Le Gourmet Carboneras. He makes cakes and specializes in cream, mousses, cookies, brioches, and sablé. In 2012 he decided to up his game and specialize in gelato art by attending a basic course organized by ANHCEA in Xixona and, after attending other classes, he graduated “Expert in artisan gelato art” in 2015. He is currently the owner of the gelato confectionery DI MARTINO Carboneras, Almería. In addition, since 2018 he has participated in the management of the family organic farm, specializing in melons, watermelons, lemons, pomegranates, and pithaya.

Martin when he decides to put himself on the line by participating in competitions, he immediately stands on the podium and in 2019 he was a bronze medalist in the Spanish Artisan Gelato Championship. In 2022 he was an assistant technician for the Spanish team that participated in the European Gelato Cup.


Jose Manuel Marcos Candela

Jose Marcos, born in 1979, has directed and been head of production at Crujiente Emotional Patisserie and La Gelateria in Alicante for eleven years. He is a university-level expert in Gelato Processing in addition to being a Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier. In the last five years of the last century he taught in the School of the “Gremio de Pasteleros” in Alicante. Between 2016 and 2018 he racked up a lot of satisfaction: the specialized press elects Crujiente among the 10 most detected proposals in the pastry sector internationally along with others in Melbourne, New York, Paris… The Repsol Guide elects Crujiente one of the three best pastry shops of the year in Spain. Then, in 2018, it participated in the Gelato World Cup. It stands on the podium.


Miguel Angel Señoris Leiva


Jordi Guillem Muñoz


Miguel Angel Morillo Rodrigurez