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Belluno is internationally renowned as headquarter of successful eyewear, but also thanks to the Dolomites where tourism continues to have a key role as engine for the local economy. In this socio-economic context there is Longarone Exhibition Dolomiti, a promotional centre and showcase for sales promotions. The opening dates back 1959 when the first edition of the International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato took place. Later it developed involving other economic sectors: interior design, agriculture, forestry sector, tourist activities, leisure, sport, agricultural field, collecting, electronic, information technology and school orientation.

Today Longarone Exhibition Dolomiti is a functioning meeting point for commercial interchanges between Dolomites area and north-east Italy. In this region it is one of the most useful tool for promotion and economic cooperation, also with Austria and Germany. The companies participation at fairs is increasingly constant and numerous, in particular  in gelato parlour sector, handcraft and forest management.

Francesca Bez (T. 0437 577511)
Cristina De Bon (T. 0437 577535)
Silva Mazzucco (T. 0437 577527)
Marta De Zolt (T. 0437 577524)

Administrative Office
Adele Tabacchi (T. 0437 577514)

Technical Office
Davide Danielis (T. 0437 577515)

Communication and Marketing 
Franz Zanne (T. 0437 577525)

Patrick Olivotti (T. 0437 577530)

Technical services in Fair
Impianti Elettrici S.a.s. (imp. elettrici)
De Cesero Lorenzo (ass. tecnica)
Barel Ferruccio (imp. idraulici)
Fogarolo Allestimenti (allestimenti)
Coop88 S.c.s. (pulizie)

Bar and catering
Associazione Pro Loco di Longarone – Tel. 0437 770119

Catering service
Ristorazione La Vela – Tel. 0437 770093